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Jamie Duncan by Aimee Parkison

There was one girl who used to love to hitch more than any other at my high school, Jamie Duncan. We were in the same class. This was a long, long time ago. We’re both old women now. Jamie loved truckers because her father… Continue Reading “Jamie Duncan by Aimee Parkison”

The Turkeys by Travis Flatt

Six wild turkeys roam my father’s lawn. Cocksure, they gang, don leather jackets, and brandish butterfly blades. Having staked their claim, how they swagger! They challenge would-be adversaries to set foot, paw, or claw on their turf. Seek rumble. They choreograph dance numbers flavored… Continue Reading “The Turkeys by Travis Flatt”

We Don’t Want Kids by Catherine Roberts

At first, on account of the dress being all puffed up, we thought it was a jellyfish. One that somehow found its way to the wrong body of water, perishing as it glowed in the dark among the clementine rinds and condom packets and… Continue Reading “We Don’t Want Kids by Catherine Roberts”

The day before you find blackberries shoved under the cabin door by Frankie McMillan

There’s a bear at the edge of the forest staring at you, and you stare straight back from the doorway of your cabin, night falling, only the finger of a moon through the trees and you’re having thoughts of Jimmy, the way his eyes… Continue Reading “The day before you find blackberries shoved under the cabin door by Frankie McMillan”

Home Front by Jeff Burd

Felix is outside, though I’m not exactly sure where.  This is nothing new since he usually sets his own agenda.  But I have tuna, and he’ll rethink his priorities as soon as I open the can and set it out back near the wood… Continue Reading “Home Front by Jeff Burd”

Meredith by Zach Keali’i Murphy

Each night, Meredith places her husband’s blue terry cloth robe next to her in the bed. Before she turns off the dusty bedside lamp and drifts into her dreams, she drapes the robe’s fraying sleeve across her body, hoping to feel a faint embrace,… Continue Reading “Meredith by Zach Keali’i Murphy”

The Others are Here by Joyce Bingham

Our living guests carry on talking, drinking wine and sharing the cheese around the table. They get louder as the wine goes down, the sound tuning in and out as I listen for phantom footsteps and shadow breaths against my neck. My fingers tingle,… Continue Reading “The Others are Here by Joyce Bingham”

Taking Apart the Mansion by Amy DeBellis

I grew up in the house where my mother’s body crumpled and dried, brittling into a flower. It was the same house where my sisters lost parts of themselves, their ignorance blissful and fleeting and quickly forgotten. It was the same house where I… Continue Reading “Taking Apart the Mansion by Amy DeBellis”

Mount Dora by Travis Dahlke

Afternoon Hear it? How the floorboards are creaking like that? I’d bet you anything the tiles in your bathroom are loose too. You got a termite infestation here. The property manager, Sonny, puts his finger in a hole he’s gouged in the drywall and… Continue Reading “Mount Dora by Travis Dahlke”

The Ghost of Charles Bukowski Pines for His Job at the Mails by Patricia Q. Bidar

Death has done wonders for Hank’s cratered face. His phantom eyes are clear. His diarrhea and bellyache, gone. His ratty boudoir was upstairs with its view of the industrial harbor. Now it’s made over as a baby’s room. Dead Hank has no wish to… Continue Reading “The Ghost of Charles Bukowski Pines for His Job at the Mails by Patricia Q. Bidar”