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Home by Matt Barrett

Our mother drives us to the home where she was raised. It has fallen, mostly: the roof is torn so its beams are all the vultures see as they glide in figure eights, which my sister says means infinity. The porch sinks into a… Continue Reading “Home by Matt Barrett”

3,000 Dead Satellites by Jo Gatford

The astronaut tells me: the most beautiful thing you can see in space is the shimmering snowflake particle cloud from an emptied septic system. Leave it to a human to glorify their own piss when they have the whole universe outside their window. The… Continue Reading “3,000 Dead Satellites by Jo Gatford”

What was Meant by Gilbert Ackerman

“Go and find your father,” she’d say, but what she meant was, “Go fetch.” We never had to guess where he was so there was never anything to find—we only needed to retrieve. Like a dog whistle, the Rust House on the corner of… Continue Reading “What was Meant by Gilbert Ackerman”

Something by Dan Crawley

My brother brought his girlfriend home from college. She wore pants like him, and I’d never seen jeans like theirs before. She called them straight legs and 501s. I supposed only those from Colorado, from the mountains and snow, wore 501s. She said to… Continue Reading “Something by Dan Crawley”

We Used To by Lisa Muschinski

We used to call it a fashion show but really it was an excuse to see each other without clothes on. Maybe for comparison’s sake or maybe because we were curious. Maybe for some other reasons. We were 6th grade girls dancing half-naked in… Continue Reading “We Used To by Lisa Muschinski”

The Velvet Room by Wiebo Grobler

The Velvet Room was a dark, dingy arcade underneath the city viaducts, where teenagers spent weekends, permeating with musk and lust. The Velvet Room was a landmark. It had been around for as long as most people could remember. No one knew who owned… Continue Reading “The Velvet Room by Wiebo Grobler”

When the Ghostcatchers First Came by Iona Rule

No one noticed. They began with the old haunts: graveyards, derelict hospitals and battlefields. Places where there were easy pickings: ghosts who had been dead so long they had been forgotten, who spoke in ancient tongues and whose names had been lost. We didn’t… Continue Reading “When the Ghostcatchers First Came by Iona Rule”

This is Not His Ghost Story by Corey Farrenkopf

Years back, Tyler dropped Jen off each night before his pizza delivery shift. The rutted dirt tracks cut between twin swamps. Lily pads and snapping turtles clustered along the banks. Cedars grew sparse, roots left to keep the road from washing out. Only one… Continue Reading “This is Not His Ghost Story by Corey Farrenkopf”

The Shy Girl by Jan Stinchcomb

Everyone’s afraid of the woman. She died with her tiny daughter in the swimming pool. No: a man came and drowned her and now her ghost forever searches for her little girl. Or was it that she died pregnant, with a baby swimming inside… Continue Reading “The Shy Girl by Jan Stinchcomb”

My Siblings are the Birch by A.D. Sui

Sister guides my hand, and the brush smears paint across canvas. Brother reads over my shoulder, whispers to linger on a paragraph before turning the page. We move from one house to another. Eight times now, and yet they follow. Their laughter echoes in… Continue Reading “My Siblings are the Birch by A.D. Sui”