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Twister by Elizabeth Fletcher

Clouds the color of absinthe blotted out the evening sun, the air electric with thunderstorms yet to arrive. Marco stopped near the crabapple tree, the confetti of its spent blossoms littering the ruts where his daddy’s truck used to sit. The green Ford had… Continue Reading “Twister by Elizabeth Fletcher”

Luxembourg by Rick White

Julia returned home from her business trip with the small state of Luxembourg in her purse. Her husband, Mike, knew something was up right away and wasted no time in confronting her over his homemade moussaka that evening.  “You’ve done it again haven’t you?”… Continue Reading “Luxembourg by Rick White”

New Moon by Rebecca Ackermann

I bought the 28-day class pack because the yoga studio wrote a Hemingway quote on the chalkboard outside: “A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” After months of dissecting each other in front of a therapist, a mediator, then finally a judge—a black… Continue Reading “New Moon by Rebecca Ackermann”

Vigilance by David Kesmodel

It’s my turn next to venture down the stairs. Set an alarm on your phone, Sheri advises, then go down and make sure they’re not too hot and heavy. I dread the moment. When it arrives, I exaggerate each step with the balls of… Continue Reading “Vigilance by David Kesmodel”

Allsorts by Sarah Salway

The shopkeeper saves the best liquorice for him, taking out the torpedoes and adding more rosettes. Sometimes he comes in late, just when she’s given up hope, and she’ll still pretend to measure it out, weighing it carefully, adding a little more just so… Continue Reading “Allsorts by Sarah Salway”

In the Lake Beside the Interstate by A. Kathryn Davis

I am learning to breathe underwater. What most people don’t know is that the lungs are a muscle; we can make them bigger, if we want. I heard this in science class and that’s how I decided it, that I’d train my lungs to… Continue Reading “In the Lake Beside the Interstate by A. Kathryn Davis”

Eucharist by Paul Luikart

The man went alone to Mass every morning. He sat by himself and listened to the homily with his elbows on his knees and received the Eucharist, always swallowing the body and blood with his eyes closed, and when it was over he filed… Continue Reading “Eucharist by Paul Luikart”

Witness by Rory Say

Late for the last ferry back to the mainland and real life, heads still half jellied from the campsite’s farewell joint, we burn down open road as if pursued by maniacs, past a blur of browning pines, past black-and-yellow placards warning of deer and… Continue Reading “Witness by Rory Say”

The Allelopaths by Jessica June Rowe

We’re drinking together at a rooftop bar when she says she’s sorry and has to go. Go where? we ask. We’re all here. The party is here. She gives an excuse that none of us will remember the next morning, although we’ll each remember… Continue Reading “The Allelopaths by Jessica June Rowe”

The More You Know by Sarah Starr Murphy

Only about twenty percent of what I tell my children is true. There are the deliberate whoppers like Santa and his ilk. There’s the crucial yet empty promise that I can keep them safe. I also tell persuasive, exclamation-mark lies – if you keep practicing gymnastics… Continue Reading “The More You Know by Sarah Starr Murphy”