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The Scales by Maria Poulatha

“If I had a drachma for every fish I cleaned,” we heard Grandma lament again and again. Grandpa emptied bucketfuls onto the rotten door turned workbench and separated them like laundry: “These for soup, these for the grill, these for the fryer.” Grandma sighed… Continue Reading “The Scales by Maria Poulatha”

The Note on the Back of My CVS Receipt by Courtney Clute

I regret to inform you that this receipt is inaccurate—I stole Hubba Bubba, a stress ball, Revlon tweezers, and a travel sized pack of Trojan condoms. The items sit in my hoodie pocket, pressing into my stomach like the hot stones they put on… Continue Reading “The Note on the Back of My CVS Receipt by Courtney Clute”

No One is Behind Her by Sage Tyrtle

At two in the morning Ivy is sprinting, flat out, breath roaring in her ears. Her Coach handbag bounces against her hip with every step. She relishes her ragged gasps, ripping in and out of her throat, evidence of how fast she is flying… Continue Reading “No One is Behind Her by Sage Tyrtle”

Press 3 for Random Track by Dri Chiu Tattersfield

*THE BLUE FROG 1st PLACE WINNER* Introduction by Guest Judge TARA ISABEL ZAMBRANO: The first time I read “Press 3 for Random Track”, it gave me a great sense of place. When I read it again, the language unlocked like a song. On subsequent readings,… Continue Reading “Press 3 for Random Track by Dri Chiu Tattersfield”

Alligator Girls by María Alejandra Barrios

*THE BLUE FROG 2nd PLACE WINNER* Look at what we’ve done, we say to the stupid stupid man who brought us the milk. We look at him from out styling chairs in our salon (people always say we look related and are strong and… Continue Reading “Alligator Girls by María Alejandra Barrios”

Why I Say We’re Cousins by Shih-Li Kow

*THE BLUE FROG 3rd PLACE WINNER* When Nain and I reached the Mersing Jetty, a storm was rolling in. The ticketing clerk shrugged when I asked about the stalled ferry service to the islands. “Don’t know. Wait and see,” he said. We waited. There… Continue Reading “Why I Say We’re Cousins by Shih-Li Kow”

What You Pay For by Andrea Lynn Koohi

Maria rips us off. Five cents here, ten cents there. She’s building a slow fortune, Mom says. Maria owns the convenience store around the corner. She’s a round middle-aged woman with a serious face and a mole on her cheek that scares me a… Continue Reading “What You Pay For by Andrea Lynn Koohi”

Last Night in Midlick by Ross McMeekin

We get kicked out of the all-night bowling alley at three a.m. for trying to bowl with cabbages—a dare—so Caleb and I exit that dump for Midlick to break in and climb its water tower. We plan on throwing some balsa-wood airplanes off the… Continue Reading “Last Night in Midlick by Ross McMeekin”

Feels Like Extinction by Linda Niehoff

She ate the tangerine and wished it was an orange. But it was the only globe of fruit in the plastic bag from the Safeway ten miles back up the highway. Ten miles back before they broke down. Broke down and waiting. The station… Continue Reading “Feels Like Extinction by Linda Niehoff”

Disagree and Commit by Sean Ennis

Connor, who doesn’t really interest me, made a discovery. His wife, Colleen, left a dirty note from her lover in her jeans’ pocket.  Oh boy.  She knows Connor does the laundry. Where do I come in? Nowhere, really. I am not the lover! Grace… Continue Reading “Disagree and Commit by Sean Ennis”