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Farrago by Sabrina Hicks

I stood in line to pay for my cart of groceries exhausted from working at the pharmacy, sorting pills for people who need them, people who think they need them, and some looking to fix what is broken and beyond repair, and in line… Continue Reading “Farrago by Sabrina Hicks”

The Breaking and the Baking by Avra Margariti

The baker’s mother teaches her how to score bread. She is not a baker yet. Her nose barely brushes the flour-dusted table, even when she stretches on her tip-tip-toes.  Let me, her mother says and lifts the baker up onto her body, pillowed by… Continue Reading “The Breaking and the Baking by Avra Margariti”

Grown by Lifan Chu

My dearest erzi was four when the men from Beijing took him away. See how smoothly your child moves in the water, they said. He will serve our country well. Just like that, he was gone. In the place of his sweet laugh, a… Continue Reading “Grown by Lifan Chu”

Tell Me and Tell Me True by Anthony Varallo

It is the last day of summer vacation, which means the two friends have until tomorrow morning to annotate The Odyssey. They haven’t started reading it, except for the first few pages, which are like, really boring. The Odyssey isn’t one of those books… Continue Reading “Tell Me and Tell Me True by Anthony Varallo”

DreamHouse by Christine Naprava

In a roller skating rink in West Hollywood, the man doling out skates from behind a carpeted counter can be your father. The man can be your father’s height (below average), and the man can have a head of hair that disappears completely when… Continue Reading “DreamHouse by Christine Naprava”

Everything She Knows About Riptides by Emily James

The riptides are back at 30th Street Beach. The twins run just outside the green flags, splashing in circles, the girl’s hair long and dark, the boy’s chopped above his ears. Their tiny legs lift and fall like speedy flamingos, boogie boards trailing from… Continue Reading “Everything She Knows About Riptides by Emily James”

Not Even Prince Charming Can Save You Now by Kristin Tenor

Mama sings along with Aretha on the car radio—R-E-S-P-E-C-T—while my little brother, J.T., and I sit in the backseat, a pile of suitcases and J.T.’s fish tank stacked between us. We drive past the Piggly Wiggly, the laundromat, an abandoned playground where invisible ghosts… Continue Reading “Not Even Prince Charming Can Save You Now by Kristin Tenor”

Hot Air Rising by Olivia Wolford

After the right kind of storm, we would load up and drive down to the cat streets: Lion, Puma, Ocelot Avenue. Aunt Hyacinth would buy my cousins and I cherry limeades, our orders gliding across damp cement by shaken teens on roller skates. Then… Continue Reading “Hot Air Rising by Olivia Wolford”

Warmer Water by Mathieu Cailler

It’s our first day together since the divorce, my daughter and me, and I’m picking her up for a visit. A new kind of dad now. I don’t wake up with her in the other room. I don’t make her eggs with toast buttered… Continue Reading “Warmer Water by Mathieu Cailler”

The Garden Will Take by Kate Crosby

Your body is an unlikely bed, furrowed and dry as a sun-sucked plain. You’ll need some tending, but I’m sure the garden will take. In the end, most things do. I’ll plant perennials, some succulents and a flowering shrub, purple impatiens that bloom in… Continue Reading “The Garden Will Take by Kate Crosby”