January 2021

Why Flash Fiction?

February 2021

As Storms Gather in the Stereo by Jenny Wong

Mom’s Pumpkin Boyfriend by Francine Witte

Dermatographia by Amy Barnes

March 2021

Man on the Moon by Patricia Q. Bidar

All the Ways We Tried to Kill My Father by Shannon Layne

And This is How You Fade Away by Tyrel Kessinger

The Nicest of the Popular Girls by L Mari Harris

What We Know About Broken Things by Kristin Kozlowski

April 2021

Room No. 5, Albergo Dolce Vita, Florence, Italy by Cheryl Pappas

Dragon’s Teeth by Elizabeth Caswell

Kaysera Stops Pretty Places by Jamy Bond

Happy Now by Claire Taylor*

May 2021

Komodo Island, Now Serving Lemon Cake by Lindy Biller

Witnesses by Jan Stinchcomb#

Playing House by Holden Wright

The Brick by Alexandra M. Matthews

What We Call the Dead Girl by Christina Tudor^

June 2021

A Pondering of Velocity When You’re Too Scared to Move by Tommy Dean

Pattern Seeker by James Cato*

I Do Not Want to Live Without You by Cathy Ulrich+

The Substitution of Air in Different Climates by Rosie Garland and Meg Pokrass^

July 2021

Stay by Sarah Freligh+

Miss Darling by Sarah Priscus#

A Cherry-Scented Cigar by Sara Dobbie^

The Stripper by Candace Hartsuyker^

August 2021

Matzo by Kelle Schillaci Clarke

Faded Chrome Man by Jonathan Cardew

After the Thrill by Amy Lyons+

Telethon by Kathryn Kulpa#

After Flaubert by Andrew Bertaina

September 2021

Black and White by Stephanie Parent

In the City of Sailing Statues by Tara Campbell

Home-Traveling by María Alejandra Barrios

Tokyo Pearl by Teresa Plana+

Flash Frogtober 2021

Rag Doll by Sudha Balagopal+

There are Absolutely No Ghosts in Mr. Gower’s Field by Sara Hills

Between the Banyan Tree by Sanjana Ramanathan

Playing the Ghost by L. Soviero#

November 2021

Her Teeth by Eliot Li^

The More You Know by Sarah Starr Murphy

The Allelopaths by Jessica June Rowe

Witness by Rory Say

Eucharist by Paul Luikart^

December 2021

In the Lake Beside the Interstate by A. Kathryn Davis

Allsorts by Sarah Salway+

Vigilance by David Kesmodel#

New Moon by Rebecca Ackermann

January 2022

Luxembourg by Rick White*

Twister by Elizabeth Fletcher

Manifesto by Greta Hayer

Cibola by Andrea Lewis^

The Last Lion by C.M. Crockford

February 2022

Nickels on Eyes by Leslie Lindsay

Disagree and Commit by Sean Ennis

Feels Like Extinction by Linda Niehoff+

Last Night in Midlick by Ross McMeekin

March 2022

What You Pay For by Andrea Lynn Koohi#

Why I Say We’re Cousins by Shih-Li Kow

Alligator Girls by María Alejandra Barrios

Press 3 for Random Track by Dri Chiu Tattersfield

April 2022

No One is Behind Her by Sage Tyrtle

The Note on the Back of My CVS Receipt by Courtney Clute

The Scales by Maria Poulatha

The Famous Sasha by Kim Magowan

May 2022

Package Holiday: Monastir, All Inclusive by Kathryn Aldridge-Morris^

More Than an Acquired Taste by Shareen K. Murayama^

As Planned, We Stopped for Sandwiches by Kyle Seibel#

The Midway by Jamy Bond*

Daredevils by Mick Bennett

June 2022

The Hunted Year by Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar

A Missing Beat by Abby Manzella

Appetite by Belle Gearhart

One Year by Julia Ruth Smith

July 2022

The Cul-de-sac Kids by Jennifer Todhunter^

茶茶茶 by Matt Hsu

Nomad by Vincent Anioke^

The Garden Will Take by Kate Crosby+

August 2022

Warmer Water by Mathieu Cailler+

Hot Air Rising by Olivia Wolford+

Not Even Prince Charming Can Save You Now by Kristin Tenor

Everything She Knows About Riptides by Emily James#

DreamHouse by Christine Naprava

September 2022

Tell Me and Tell Me True by Anthony Varallo

Grown by Lifan Chu

The Breaking and the Baking by Avra Margariti

Farrago by Sabrina Hicks#

Flash Frogtober 2022

My Siblings are the Birch by A.D. Sui

The Shy Girl by Jan Stinchcomb

This is Not His Ghost Story by Corey Farrenkopf

When the Ghostcatchers First Came by Iona Rule

The Velvet Room by Wiebo Grobler

November 2022

We Used To by Lisa Muschinski

Something by Dan Crawley

What was Meant by Gilbert Ackerman+

3,000 Dead Satellites by Jo Gatford

December 2022

Home by Matt Barrett+

Oona by Eileen Tomarchio#

American Soil by Andrea Boll^

They’re So Beautiful When They’re Sleeping by L Mari Harris

January 2023

A Man Takes a Fox, a Chicken and a Sack of Grain Across a River in a Small Boat by Jo Withers

Amnion by Dawid Mobolaji^

Banana by Laila Amado+

Bleached by Rob Yates

Good Wood by Brett Biebel+

February 2023

Shadowing the Gravedigger by Gary Fincke

Useful Skills by Michelle Ross

Fatherhood as Just a Point of View by David Williamson

Invisible Enemies by Christina H. Chen

March 2023

Oxidation by Tommy Dean+

Patagium by K.C. Mead-Brewer

The Whale Bone Man by Kaylie Saidin

No Dead Bodies in the Dining Room by Kathryn LeMon^

April 2023

We Americans by Reema Rao-Patel*

Who Do You Think It Is If It Isn’t Me? by Rory Say

Pattern by Meg Pokrass

Our Nudist Neighbors are Fighting by Joshua Jones Lofflin*

May 2023

Honeybud by Melissa Ragsly

Dog People by Abbie Barker+

In case you missed it the first time, she confesses again by Salena Casha

The Undertaker’s Daughter by Ryan Griffith+

Did I Mention the Fires? by Teddy Engs

June 2023

After the Storm by Amy Olassa

Animals in Winter by Darci Schummer^

Set in Stone by Pete Prokesch

And Nothing Else To Do by Melissa Llanes Brownlee

July 2023

Bear by Chloe Coventry

We Could Also Dig a Hole by Michael Czyzniejewski^

Sometimes she wishes he was dead, but then she’d miss him by Dawn Tasaka Steffler

The Wives of Husbands in Space by Aaron Sandberg+

Surveillance by Quinn Rennerfeldt

Certain Company by Lisa Piazza

Declawed by Allison Field Bell^

Missing Person Report by Miriam Mandel Levi^

Leak by Kim Magowan

Voices From Home by Chiyeung Lau

Facts About the Southern Cassowary by Jennifer Fliss

Mold Culture by Gabrielle Griffis

Recollection by Rebecca Long

The Ghost of Charles Bukowski Pines for His Job at the Mails by Patricia Q. Bidar

Mount Dora by Travis Dahlke

Taking Apart the Mansion by Amy DeBellis

The Others are Here by Joyce Bingham

Meredith by Zach Keali’i Murphy

Home Front by Jeff Burd

The day before you find blackberries shoved under the cabin door by Frankie McMillan

* = Nominated for Best of the Net

+ = Nominated for Best Microfiction

^ = Nominated for Pushcart Prize

# = Nominated for Best Small Fictions