The Blue Frog

What is The Blue Frog?

Born out of celebration for our first birthday, The Blue Frog is Flash Frog’s annual flash fiction contest. Each year the contest, which runs for the month of January, features a theme based on what type of stories we would have liked to have seen more of in the past year. The Blue Frog awards a total of $700 in prize money as well as signed books and original art!

The 2023 Winners

1st Place: “No Dead Bodies in the Dining Room” by Kathryn LeMon

2nd Place: “The Whale Bone Man” by Kaylie Saidin

3rd Place: “Patagium” by K.C. Mead-Brewer


Abbie Barker

Melissa Bowers

Joel Hans

Kathy Hoyle

Rachel Lastra

Georgie Morvis

Lauren Osborn

Melissa Ragsly

Angeline Schellenberg

Emma Stough

Cathy Ulrich

2023 Theme: “The Surreal”

2023 Guest Judge: Aimee Bender

2023 Guest Artist: Daegan Lunsford

2022 Winners

1st Place: “Press 3 for Random Track” by Dri Chiu Tattersfield

2nd Place: “Alligator Girls” by María Alejandra Barrios

3rd Place: “Why I Say We’re Cousins” by Shih-Li Kow


Kathryn Aldridge-Morris

Eleonora Balsano

Rodney Evans

Rosie Garland

Sara Hills

Shareen K. Murayama

Hema Nataraju

Bayveen O’Connell

Maria Poulatha

Pip Robertson

Cherry Lou Sy

2022 Theme: “Around the World”

2022 Guest Judge: Tara Isabel Zambrano

2022 Guest Artist: Rob Kaniuk