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Nomad by Vincent Anioke

Every day, for the last two years, I relive the high-def loop of our last moment together–the bus station swathed in morning mist, the blare of radio gospel, hawkers and farewell honkers, you against me. I refused to let go as if I were… Continue Reading “Nomad by Vincent Anioke”

茶茶茶 by Matt Hsu

I watch as Ama plucks kumquats from the tree in her backyard and places them inside a plastic bucket. Leaves, twigs, and dandelion petals are nestled in her hair, a shrub of gray age decorated with a gardener’s touch. One of the fruits is… Continue Reading “茶茶茶 by Matt Hsu”

The Cul-de-sac Kids by Jennifer Todhunter

The cul-de-sac kids stick thumbtacks into the soles of their feet to measure their calluses and nobody even flinches. They send Morse-code-like messages to one another from their bedroom windows with flashlights; one long beam means meet at Sarah’s, two short pulses means Bobby’s,… Continue Reading “The Cul-de-sac Kids by Jennifer Todhunter”

One Year by Julia Ruth Smith

The first time I see my dead father, he’s sitting on a chair outside our house, circling his feet in grey sludge, slouching like he used to. I tell mum while she’s making lunch.  “It irritates the shit out of me, he’s just sulking,”… Continue Reading “One Year by Julia Ruth Smith”

Appetite by Belle Gearhart

He told me he wanted to eat the moon. Over pasta I had just made he told me he wanted to eat the moon, and the look in his eye, that look he gave me whenever I said it was time for bed, told… Continue Reading “Appetite by Belle Gearhart”

A Missing Beat by Abby Manzella

It started with music: The Black Crowes, The Police, The Cure. That’s how they spent their time with each other. Leo and Maxine, together in the front seat of his silver Accord, separated by only the stick shift. They sat there to listen to… Continue Reading “A Missing Beat by Abby Manzella”

The Hunted Year by Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar

It was the year Daddy went hunting. He returned with a fawn in the back of his rusty truck, a poppy-shaped wound in the brown-and-white-spotted body, inches above the front leg. Look, how beautiful! he pointed a gloved finger to the snowflakes stuck in… Continue Reading “The Hunted Year by Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar”

Daredevils by Mick Bennett

Linda’s home now sitting on her side of the bed—snow kept her at a friend’s apartment in town after her Saturday dinner shift. It’s like we’re on fucking trains speeding in opposite directions, sticking our heads out windows as we pass. I peel back… Continue Reading “Daredevils by Mick Bennett”

The Midway by Jamy Bond

My father writes me letters in loopy ink on flimsy, creased paper. I imagine a window in his cell where he can see the sky: Vegas at daybreak has a smoky haze; the skyline is a haunting pink. I sit at my yellow desk… Continue Reading “The Midway by Jamy Bond”

As Planned, We Stopped for Sandwiches by Kyle Seibel

As planned, we stopped for sandwiches in St. Louis on the way to Chicago. We left early enough to get there before noon but by the time we parked, the line for the deli was already wrapped around outside. “You gotta see these things,”… Continue Reading “As Planned, We Stopped for Sandwiches by Kyle Seibel”