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What We Call the Dead Girl by Christina Tudor

The dead girl once lived on Beach Drive in a suburban neighborhood surrounded by oak trees, and she would die on Victory Street one town over. The dead girl came from a good family with a backyard that stretched out wide. The dead girl… Continue Reading “What We Call the Dead Girl by Christina Tudor”

The Brick by Alexandra M. Matthews

The brick lived in the bottom of my daughter’s owl backpack, which sagged on her eight-year-old frame. She carried it to school every day, promising me it stayed in her bag. Not even Ms. Henley will know it’s there, Imogen said. Though as soon… Continue Reading “The Brick by Alexandra M. Matthews”

Playing House by Holden Wright

“I dreamt last night you killed me.” This was the first thing I’d said to him all morning, and it came through a mouthful of eggs. Jack stood by the counter, slathering butter, then jelly onto his toast. “That’s ridiculous,” he said. His dark… Continue Reading “Playing House by Holden Wright”

Witnesses by Jan Stinchcomb

By the time Mom has disappeared under the sheets, surrendering to an eighties’ playlist heavy on Depeche Mode and Talking Heads, it is too late to reel her back. She has seen everything, all the tragic secrets of time and microbiology. As she rolls… Continue Reading “Witnesses by Jan Stinchcomb”

Komodo Island, Now Serving Lemon Cake by Lindy Biller

It started with a school project: Tell the class about your favorite animal. For most of the kids in Zoom kindergarten, this meant explaining what they liked about pandas or badgers or giraffes. Then my kid told them about Komodo dragons. Cannibalism, venom glands,… Continue Reading “Komodo Island, Now Serving Lemon Cake by Lindy Biller”

Happy Now by Claire Taylor

He says it meant nothing, but the image won’t disappear. His face pressed to the wet between her legs. How was it? Don’t tell me. Yes, tell me. No, don’t. Maybe the three of them—bad idea. But maybe? She would have preferred something cliche.… Continue Reading “Happy Now by Claire Taylor”

Kaysera Stops Pretty Places by Jamy Bond

We do not see her at Crow Fair when officers beat her younger brother and she films it to bear witness; when she vanishes two days later and they call her a runaway, a drunk, an addict, a slut; when her picture goes missing… Continue Reading “Kaysera Stops Pretty Places by Jamy Bond”

Dragon’s Teeth by Elizabeth Caswell

A man named Phil showed up at our house one day with clipboard and binder in hand, an army of pens in his pocket. I was twelve and therefore unseen as he shook my father’s hand, told my father that as he’d explained on… Continue Reading “Dragon’s Teeth by Elizabeth Caswell”

Room No. 5, Albergo Dolce Vita, Florence, Italy by Cheryl Pappas

The flowers by the window have faded to dusty brown, your letter sits on my desk, read a thousand times . . .  The roses lasted the longest. The sun in the afternoon hits the wall next to the bed so the whole room… Continue Reading “Room No. 5, Albergo Dolce Vita, Florence, Italy by Cheryl Pappas”

What We Know About Broken Things by Kristin Kozlowski

Dad cooks Thanksgiving dinner and Mom handles cleanup. She cries while loading the dishwasher, but nobody says anything, not even Dad. This is when I learn about broken things — people, marriages. Grandma is psychic. She works in a tent by the DuPage River… Continue Reading “What We Know About Broken Things by Kristin Kozlowski”